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About the Campaign

Being empowered to recognise, develop and use your strengths and resources is important for your well-being. This empowerment enables older people like you, to assert your rights as a citizen and to protect yourself from potential mistreatment. In recognition of this, the National Centre for the Protection of Older People (NCPOP), at UCD undertook a project to develop a campaign to support older people to be empowered against financial abuse. This project was funded by, and receives ongoing support from, the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE).

Elder financial abuse has been defined as the unauthorised and improper use of funds, property or any resources of an older person. This may include theft, coercion, fraud, misuse of power of attorney or joint bank accounts and also not contributing to household costs where this would be appropriate.

The project involved collaboration between the NCPOP and older people as well as those professionals and volunteers who work with and represent older people. The Older People’s Empowerment Network (OPEN) was established in spring 2013. During the summer and autumn of 2013, OPEN held regular meetings and consultations with experts in the fields of elder financial and social protection. These meetings helped the group understand the key issues relevant to elder financial protection in Ireland. The group was also informed by current research evidence provided by the NCPOP on elder abuse prevention and intervention. Finally, a panel of experts in the areas of legal, financial and social protection was established to provide advice on the design and content of the campaign.

This work culminated in Keep Control; an educational and information campaign developed by older people for older people, like you. The campaign provides information and tools which support you to be empowered against financial abuse and or exploitation. This empowerment occurs when you take responsibility for your own protection by keeping control over your affairs and ensuring that your decisions, wishes and intentions for your finances are respected and followed.

You have the right to be free from intimidation and bullying. You have the right and the responsibility to Keep Control of your money. It is intended that this campaign will give you the necessary information and resources which will empower you to Keep Control of your financial affairs.

University College Dublin (UCD)National Centre for the Protection of Older People (NCPOP)Health Services Executive (HSE)Older People's Empowerment Network (OPEN)
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