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What do I do if I suspect abuse?

Speak Out

Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to tell somebody if you feel that you are being bullied or pressurised into making financial decisions, signing documents you don’t understand or handing over control of your finances. Very often by talking to a trusted friend, neighbour, family member or caregiver you will not only receive the support you need but you are also showing the potential abuser that you have supportive people around you. This may help to prevent abuse occurring.

If you suspect that you are being financially abused or are concerned that somebody you know may be experiencing financial or material abuse, you should contact the HSE elder abuse service through your GP, local health centre, Public Health Nurse, Home Help Co-ordinator, An Garda SÍochana or your local Senior Case Worker.

The HSE has a dedicated Elder Abuse Service with Senior Case Workers with responsibility for the protection of older people in most local health office areas. Click here to find the Senior Case Worker in your area.

The HSE also have a national elder abuse information helpline which is open Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm. The helpline free phone number is 1850 24 1850. You can also email the HSE with any query or information request at

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