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General security at home

In addition to maintaining your security on your doorstep it is important to safeguard your safety when you have invited a professional tradesperson into your home to undertake work. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Always seek comparable estimates from other companies for any services offered. Friends and relatives may be able to recommend companies or tradespeople they have been pleased with
  • Ask for an itemised written quotation, which includes the name and address of the trader, what work they propose to do and how much it will cost
  • Make sure to verify the name and address of the tradesperson
  • Ask for the names of persons and locations where they have previously worked successfully and which would provide a reference
  • Never pay any money in advance in order for repairs to be carried out to your home
  • Never accept an offer to drive you to withdraw money
  • Never employ a person who insists on cash payment for services offered. It is a good idea to use a method of payment that is traceable
  • It is not advisable to leave strangers, even bona fide workers, unsupervised in your home
  • Take your time to decide whether the product or service, and the terms offered, are right for you

Click here to find out what to do if you suspect abuse. 

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