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Why would I make a crisis decision?

When an unexpected event occurs such as serious illness or the death of a loved one your financial circumstances may change and responsibility for family affairs may shift to or from you. If this occurs, you may need to take some decisions or actions quickly. For example, if your partner or spouse dies, you may be responsible for making the funeral arrangements and registering the death. If your deceased spouse or partner managed your family’s finances, such as paying the bills, you may suddenly find yourself in the unfamiliar position of having responsibility for this. There are some matters that will require urgent attention when an emergency occurs and about which decisions will need to be made promptly. There are other matters that are not so urgent and that can be postponed until such a time as you have the physical, psychological and emotional capacity to deal with them.

University College Dublin (UCD)National Centre for the Protection of Older People (NCPOP)Health Services Executive (HSE)Older People's Empowerment Network (OPEN)
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