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Warning signs of abuse

You can be at risk of financial abuse when you are making your Will. This can happen if someone puts pressure upon you in relation to your Will. Here are some warning signs which might trigger your suspicion that you are being financially exploited:

  • Somebody has asked you to sign papers that you do not understand
  • Somebody wants you to make them the sole beneficiary even though that is not what you want
  • You feel pressurised, intimidated or bullied into making changes to your Will or create a new Will
  • You feel pressurised, intimidated or bullied into not getting independent legal advice regarding your Will. In particular you are pressurised into availing of the services of a solicitor who is also representing the interests of a potential beneficiary of your Will

While it is important to be aware of the warning signs in order to protect yourself, it is also important to keep a protective eye on your neighbours, friends or relatives who may be experiencing exploitation by somebody abusing Will-making or amending procedures. Click here to find out what to do if you suspect abuse.


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