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How can I change or revoke my Will?

If you want to make a small change to your Will, you and your witnesses must sign or initial in the margin of the page where you have made the changes.

To make a more significant change to your Will, a ‘codicil’ is a separate document which may be added to your Will. This document must be signed by you and your witnesses and should set out clearly and accurately the changes you want to make. These changes are legally binding.

If you plan to make a lot of changes to your Will, it is recommended that you simply revoke your existing Will and make a new one using the normal procedures for making a Will

A Will may be revoked by:

  • A valid later Will which expressly revokes all earlier Wills or testaments
  • A declaration in writing of the intention to revoke the Will. This declaration must be witnessed by two witnesses and must be signed by you
  • The burning, tearing or destruction of the Will by you or in your presence (under your instruction) with your intention of revoking your Will
  • Upon entering into marriage any pre-existing Wills made by either partner is automatically revoked unless you specifically made the Will in contemplation of your marriage


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