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'We need to talk': Conversation tips and starters

It is advisable never to open the door to strangers. Always check to see who the caller is by using your door viewer or looking out the window. If you are opening the door to a stranger, make sure your home is secure first and always use your door chain or limiter. Give the person the Garda Card which is provided as part of the Keep Control Tools and Resources. This will help you to get the caller’s contact details and to check their identification. Here are phrases that you can use with strangers who call to your door.

Tips for conversation with unknown callers:

  • “Actually I’m busy right now and I’m not interested”
  • “I don’t buy and sell on the doorstep”
  • “I haven’t got the money for any work around the house so I’m not interested”
  • “Can you please give me your details? I need to check your identification and I’ll contact you if I’m interested”
  • “Here’s a card to fill out your details”
  •  “I’m not going to make a decision today. Please leave your contact details with me including your V.A.T registered number and we’ll contact you if we want to get a quote”
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