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What is the nursing home support scheme?

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme (NHSS) is  also known as the “Fair Deal” scheme. It provides financial support to people who need long-term nursing home care. Under this scheme, you make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State pays the balance. The scheme covers approved nursing homes, whether, private, voluntary or public nursing homes. The scheme doesn’t cover short-term services, such as respite care, convalescent care or day care. The care services provided under the scheme include bed and board, nursing and personal care, laundry service, and basic aids and appliances necessary to assist a person with the activities of daily living. It doesn’t cover goods and services, such as, hairdressing, therapies, or recreational activities. If your application to the scheme is successful, you can choose care in any nursing home on the list of approved nursing homes supplied by the HSE, subject to the following conditions: 

  • The home must be able to cater for your particular needs, and
  • The home must have a place for you. 

Transferring from hospital to long-term care

If you are in hospital, but no longer need acute care, you can be charged for long-term care in that hospital. If you are waiting to move from hospital to long-term nursing home care, you should apply for the NHSS scheme as soon as possible. You will not be charged if you are on a waiting list for the NHSS or if you have particular needs and there is no suitable accommodation available or if there is no suitable accommodation nearby.

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